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Terra - Flow & Zeo (Original Mix)
Label: Katermukke

Terra, which in Portuguese means Earth, is the new single of the Brazilian couple, Flow & Zeo. Part of their upcoming album SpaceKraft, celebrating 20 years of career, this track was produced during the quarantine with soul, global consciousness, and positive vibrations connecting us closer to Mother Earth.

Thru intense researches for elements and information to conduct the music into a deep journey, Flow & Zeo inserted in this masterpiece the Schumann Resonance sound of the Earth and, connected to our ancestry, they used the Indian “Canto Sagrado da Mãe Terra” and travel to a Pataxó Indian Tribe to record the music video of this ritualistic music, which pays tribute to the people of our planet. We are all one.

On this EP you will find the Original Mix and also a 3D Binaural Audio version to listen with headphones and enjoy a singular experience of this mixing technique.